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Difficult Horse Consultations:

We are available for on-site consultations to help horses work through specific issues like trailer loading, fear/spooking issues, dominance problems (biting, kicking, etc). These consultations are $55/hour, with a 2 hour minimum. Travel fees may apply for locations more than 100 miles away. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your specific problem. There is no charge for the initial phone/email consultations.

Horse Development/Training:

Horses which have issues which are not amenable to a one time consultation can be boarded at our facility on a weekly or monthly basis for more intensive work. Please contact us for prices and to discuss the needs of your specific horses. A negative Coggins and a clean Health Certificate is necessary.

Individual Development/Training:

Lessons for individuals who wish to further develop their horsemanship techniques from the ground with a special focus on liberty and advanced manuevers. Lessons are $55/hour. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more info.

Mechanical Cow:

Vision Equine LLC has a Pro Cutter life size mechanical cow available with instruction for $75/hour. This model comes equipped with varying speeds and a life-like stop. The first session will SAFELY introduce you and your horse to the mechanical cow. The mechanical cow is ideal for those interested in future cow work and/or providing diversity for your horse. We routinely use this tool for introducing focus to our young horses, tuning our cutting horses and our own rider development. Please contact us for scheduling.


Vision Equine LLC sponsors professional clinics to bring the best in horsemanship to Alabama. We keep the clinics small and intimate (generally 5-10 riders) to maximize the learning potential so space is certainly limited. Please contact us if you would like to be added to our mailing list.


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Alamar knot

You may have noticed this picture on my contact page. It is a alamar knot. Very few horses have ever worn this and even fewer will in the future. It is part of the California Tradition. The knot collapses easily with minimal tug. A horse that is a finished bridle horse proves his ability and refinement by wearing this knot around his neck during a day of branding, roping, doctoring calves and ranch work. The rider, which has developed a partnership with this horse over several years, proves his horses worthiness to wear the Alamar by returning from a days work with the knot still tied. This is THE ONLY method of communication the horse will have. No bridle is worn.


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