About Vision Equine

Vision Equine LLC was founded in 2007 by Jennifer Bowman. Jennifer’s lifetime of passion with horses began in 1984 when she received her first horse, KC. This gelding was a 15.3 hh off-the-track appendix quarter horse, and he carried her out across the open range in and around Black Forrest, CO. She and KC got involved with the local 4-H club which fostered Jennifer’s interest in showing. In 1986 she began a successful show career that would take her to local, state and national levels of competition.

Her father, a Lt. Colonel in the army, helped instill discipline and encouraged her to try different equine specialties and ride as many different horses as she could. Over her career, Jennifer has ridden horses developed in the disciplines of western pleasure, western riding, trail, hunter under saddle, jumping, dressage, cutting, reining and various stock horse events. While living in Tampa, Florida, Jennifer gained valuable experience in feeding and conditioning world class halter horses. In 2002, her focus shifted. After seeing the beauty of seamless communication between horse and rider in a bridle-less horse demonstration, she decided to shift her focus from the show ring towards the development of that high level horse-human communication.

Since then, Jennifer has sought personal instruction from some of the country’s finest horseman including Leon Harrel, Buck Brannaman, Jeff Saunders, Ed Dabney and numerous instructors from the Parelli organization. Her passion for the agility and autonomy of the cutting horse, the precision and finesse of the dressage horse, and the confidence and demeanor of a good trail horse has lead her to her interest in the ways of the California bridle horse. A finished California bridle horse epitomizes the soft and subtle communication that can exist between horse and rider. This style of riding and developing horses through years of schooling has been almost lost with the world’s current focus on instant gratification. With the mentoring and instruction of some incredible horseman dedicated to preserving this lost art, Jennifer hopes to play a small part in the revival of this fine tradition.

As a natural outgrowth of Jennifer’s love of the horse, Vision Equine LLC has arisen. Vision Equine LLC is committed to breeding, raising and developing finely bred horses with a special focus on a solid foundation which will enhance their success in any equine discipline.


A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful ~ and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.
(Pam Brown)