16-20 Vision Equine Testimonials

The following are client comments made on behalf of Vision Equine and Jennifer Bowman. For more click the above tabs.



 Sarah Cleveland - client (New York, New York)
“Jennifer Bowman is a true horse wizard, and it was an extraordinary pleasure purchasing a horse from her!”
“Not only are her horses exquisitely trained and beautifully well behaved (they load into a trailer, for example, with a simple oral request), but she went many extra miles above and beyond the call of duty to train my horse further in the bit; she spent a half day helping me get familiar with him before he was transferred, and then she was extraordinarily helpful in providing advice about how to introduce him to our other horses, fitting a saddle for him, finding a proper bit for the shape of his mouth and his temperament, etc.
She understands horse psychology and communicates with horses like no one I have ever seen, and I have learned immensely from her guidance. I can easily see that she could correct the bad habits of most horses quite easily, simply by understanding why horses do what they do, and how to communicate with them effectively. I would purchase another horse from her in a heartbeat, and I am hoping to get her assistance in dealing with the issues of our other horses. Vision Equine has beautiful horses and is a genuinely full service, first class operation!”
 Jill Buck - client (Mathews, AL)
“ After inheriting two stallions that had been neglected for 3 years and initially trying to acclimate them to their new environment and we to them. It became quite apparent that we were way in over our heads. Our naïve goal was to take these two beautiful creatures on trail rides and form lasting bonds. My limited horsemanship consisted of owning a pinto mare that was thoroughly “broken” at the age of 10-without lessons or any horse sense.

The 12 year old stallion was pushy although sweet and manageable; it was the green 5 year old, Gabe, with his dominant and aggressive personality that had me fearing for my safety! A man at the local feedlot said that Jennifer Bowman was the one I needed and that she was well known for working miracles with problem horses! From the first time I spoke with Jennifer I realized she was a Godsend!

I was amazed the first time she came out that within 2 hours she had the horse we couldn’t touch without being bitten at to having him calmly walking on a lead rope and playing almost any “game” she wanted. The entire time she was instructing me of how to work within the framework of the natural horseman and maintain the horses’ dignity and confidence.

Watching Jennifer work with Gabe in such a knowledgeable and patient manner was like watching a graceful dance. She understands these beautiful creatures spirit and communicates this to them like nothing else I’ve ever seen! We still have a way to go but I know that with Jennifer’s guidance that both Gabe and I will be the better for it! ”
 Anne Alan Jemison - client (Alabama)
Fair Haven Farm
“Finally! Someone that understands my horses!”
“Jennifer has been working with my client and lesson program horses for over a year and the change in behavior is amazing. With over 20 years of horse experience, I thought I had seen and knew it all, but in watching Jennifer work with some young and problem horses, I realized I had just grazed the surface of my natural horsemanship knowledge. She has the God-given ability to communicate with horses in a way that brings out their confidence, respect and personalities. She is patient, forgiving, kind and always willing to teach you as she works with your horse.
She has even taken the time to teach the basics to all the Fair Haven Farm students and that consistency has made a big difference in the behavior of the horses. Give her an hour of your time, and you will never regret it!”

I got a tip yesterday, and if it wasn’t straight from the horse’s mouth it was jolly well the next thing to it. (Syracuse Herald, May 1913)