11-15 Vision Equine Testimonials

The following are client comments made on behalf of Vision Equine and Jennifer Bowman. For more click the above tabs.



 Marianne McLeod - client (Pinchona Farm; Pintlala, Alabama)
“I cannot praise Jennifer Bowman of Vision Equine enough. Her ability to communicate with horses and their owners is phenomenal. She has the knowledge, patience, and kindness to understand the horse. She helps me work from the ground on natural horsemanship techniques to build my confidence and my horses’ trust and respect.

A young crippled feral horse made unannounced visit on the farm about two years ago. Lulu has been very happy in the pasture with other horses but we had not been able to catch her. She will gladly accept carrots for a pet on the nose but that has been the extent of the communication process. After two and a half hours of working with Lulu, Jennifer was able to put on a halter. We are now working with a lead rope. Our goal for Lulu is to make her a safe pasture ornament which will enable her to have the best of equine care.”
 Leslie Doran - client (Montgomery, Alabama)
“My name is Leslie and I have 2 purebred Arabian geldings. Jennifer was recommended to me by another friend who was taking lessons with her. One of my geldings has an extremely dominant personality and I was having problems doing any kind of groundwork. Jennifer began working with my gelding and in a few sessions my horse has made incredible progress. Jennifer is teaching me how to communicate with this animal in a way he won’t misunderstand. I am making mistakes and I’m still very clumsy but we laugh a lot and Hollywood and I are working through it.

Jennifer has unique teaching skills and an obvious love of the work she does and the animals she works with. Hollywood and I have a long way to go together, but with Jennifer’s skill, patience, knowledge and sense of humor I know we will get there safely and have a lot of fun on the way! I would recommend her to anyone looking to develop a better relationship with and understanding of the horses we love!”
 Jennie - client (Montgomery, Alabama)
“Jennifer is an extremely gifted and graceful horse trainer! Watching how the horses react to her commands is truly an amazing experience. My most difficult task as a beginner was getting my horse to take his bit without any assistance. Within five minutes Jennifer taught me how to do it with ease. He did not move, throw his head and he was not even tied up - I cried!!! I have not had a problem since! I loved her kind humble spirit not only with my horse but with me!”
 Paul Bullock - client (Bloomington, Indiana)
“I purchased a beautiful Thoroughbred named Lumen from Jennifer to play Polo with. She picked me up at the airport and spent the entire day with me to allow me to get to know everything possible about Lumen. She followed up with emails and calls to see how she was doing and how she was working out for me. She is truly a talented trainer and I have never met someone who has such care for her animals. Lumen was an off the track Thoroughbred that required many months of training and attention. What a great job she did!

There is truly something to be said for natural horsemanship and the understanding of how to interact with these wonderful animals. Thank you for taking the time to train Lumen and me on how to interact with this wonderful new member of our family. You are a true professional in every sense of the word. If you are looking for someone to work with your horse she is the best I have seen.”
 Kathy S. Hunter - client (Willoughby, Ohio)
“A visit with Jennifer and your horse is life-changing!”
“She is that good! I have owned horses for 15 years and been around horses for over 30 years. I called Jennifer for help--someone told me about her, said I had to call Jennifer...

When Jennifer came and got our warm blood Jumper we couldn't get him to load and would buck off even a professional rider after a few jumps. By the end of the day with Jennifer he:
1. Walked into the trailer on HIS OWN WHEN HE WAS TOLD to LOAD UP!
2. He was jumping over jumps without bucking and clearing them by at least a foot!

REALLY! It was absolutely astounding! MIRACULOUS!

Time with Jennifer is truly priceless and will change your horses' life--and therefore your own. I am SO glad someone told me about Jennifer so I wanted to share my experience. Call her if you have a horse problem--call me if you want further endorsement (440-897-9902) because I can definitely go on and on and on... I am so very grateful to have found Jennifer and you will be too! By the way, if you have a Western Pleasure, Reiner, Cutter, Hunter doesn't matter, Jennifer speaks to ALL horses. ”

I got a tip yesterday, and if it wasn’t straight from the horse’s mouth it was jolly well the next thing to it. (Syracuse Herald, May 1913)