6-10 Vision Equine

The following are client comments made on behalf of Vision Equine and Jennifer Bowman. For more click the above tabs.



 Anne Marie Gormley - client/Horse Enthusiast
“Jennifer has given me the confidence to be the leader my horses need. Now my horses are even happier with me and I with them. She also sees the potential in each and every horse and is able to make worthwhile horses out of those considered to be problem horses.”
 Anna Bishop - Anna Bishop Photography
“Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph Jennifer Bowman while she was working with her horses. During my time at her farm, I witnessed the incredible relationship that can be developed between horse and human. I must say though that the relationships of trust and respect are on a whole other level of what I’ve seen in others. As a horse owner and competitor myself on & off for the last twenty plus years, I understand the hard work, time and energy that goes in to realizing what jennifer accomplishes with the horses she works with. with Jennifer’s timing & ability to read each horse individually, she aquires the unique ability to work with and train a large variety of breeds. I would thoroughly recommend Jennifer without reservation for lessons, problem solving and training.”
 Toni Brewster - clinician
“Jennifer & I met many years ago while mutually pursuing how to improve our horsemanship skills. Jennifer is a phenomenal horseman. Jennifer is very passionate about helping horses trust the human & develop lightness in their response to what she is asking on the ground & while riding. I have seen her influence different breeds of horses to do some incredible things with & for her. She always has the horse’s best interest at heart & communicates with them in a way that makes sense to them. It is evident when watching her with a horse that she develops strong & positive relationships with her horses. The foundation training her foals will have will last a life time & prepare them for any endeavor they are headed for in the future.”
 Ret. Col. John M. Hutcheson - Gab Creek Farm
“I first met Jennifer Bowman at a Buck Branaman Clinic. The next fall she hosted Jeff Sanders at her place and I took a horse over there. In the spring she hauled her nice horse, Crush, over to my place and we rode Bull Mountain in the Chattahooche National Forest. Watching her work her horse here and again the next fall back at her farm, it became clear to me that she is a very fine horseman. She is intuitive, patient and very competent. She has paid her dues in terms of study and time in the saddle and I have now seen three horses she has put a handle on. Jennifer is as good at ground work as anyone I know.

Yes, she can ride her own horse bridle-less but more important, she can get to the mind of your horse and make things better for the horse and for you. I had a green mare here that was fearful about the mount and dismount. Jennifer made major inroads to that in about two hours with quiet patience. My experience with her is that she is honest, forthright, has sand and that you can trust her with your horse to actually do the training, make life better for you and your horse and not just take your money.”
 Lance H. - client (Tallassee, AL)
“I am a businessman who has taken care of my much loved horses for 14 years. I have had little training, but everyone got along and I was able to take care of them and enjoyed it. We all enjoyed riding when my daughters came to visit. Two new horses were given to me by my daughter to take care of while she went overseas. One was a retired jumper, the other a 2-year-old warm blood that one day we hope will be a good jumper. Everything changed. The two-year-old, though sweet, began to dominate the herd and dominate me and for the first time I was afraid of my own horses and actually began to dread taking care of them. The whole herd changed. I had to push myself out there morning and night. My wonderful life with my horses had become a real struggle.

A friend who owns and trains horses watched me with my problems and could tell I was nearly overwhelmed and suggested Jennifer Bowman to help. Jennifer has come out a couple of times, coached me and my little newcomer and the change is remarkable. I have never seen such an immediate turnaround in any of my life’s activities. I love my horses again, and that is really important to me. I look forward to going out and working with them the way Jennifer has taught me. Izzie, the two-year-old is a changed girl. I have a whole new love for her and understand her and she understands me. I am excited about my hobby, I feel safe, and I realize how all of those years, I had really been lucky, and not smart. I am loving spending time with all of them. I can’t wait to go out and work with them. The way that Jennifer teaches is so effective and safe, but it allows me to be kind and build an even deeper relationship with my pasture friends.

I am extremely grateful to Jennifer. This was an important part of my life and I feel wonderful about it. I still have much to learn, but am excited about the possibilities. From the very beginning, things have turned around so much that future progress is going to be fun for all of us. ”

I got a tip yesterday, and if it wasn’t straight from the horse’s mouth it was jolly well the next thing to it. (Syracuse Herald, May 1913)