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The following are client comments made on behalf of Vision Equine and Jennifer Bowman. For more click the above tabs.



 Jeff Saunders: - Modern Vaquero Horsemanship
“Jennifer is an incredibly talented horsewoman with patience, insight, and understanding but she has more than that. When I was working with Jennifer I could see a true love of the horse and a desire to always keep learning. I think those are the two secret ingredients that elevate good horseman/women to great ones. It was truly a pleasure working with her and I hope to have the opportunity to spend more time with her and her horses.”
 Kimberly Stephenson - client
“I first met Jennifer in the Spring of 09’ through a mutual friend. Jennifer was at a local boarding facility to help some of the boarders with issues they were having with their horses so I brought my horse over for help with a trailer loading problem I was having. Within minutes, she had my horse loading on and off the trailer very calmly! It was amazing to watch her work with all the horses and see how she gained their respect in a short amount of time and helped them through the situations they were having difficulty with! She has a wonderful eye with horses and can read their body language and watch them move and know exactly what that particular horse needs help with!”
 Charlotte Alford - client
“I can’t say enough about Jennifer Bowman’s horsemanship. She has a relationship with her horses that is just “jaw dropping”. Jennifer knows good conformation, good feet, good temperament. It would be a pleasure to own any horse she touches. In fact, I own two of them!”
 Crystal D’ Arezzo - client (Rhode Island)
“As I watched Shaklano’s sales video back in March of 2011, I thought to myself, how far would I travel to see a horse that I could potentially own? After viewing the video numerous times, my mother and I knew that I had to see this horse. I actually wanted to meet the woman in the video as much as I wanted to meet this horse. I traveled from Rhode Island to Alabama in April of 2011 and was immediately impressed with Jennifer’s horsemanship. She possesses skills that one cannot explain. You really have to see her around her horses. Her approach and interaction with them is something I strive for every day.

Jennifer does not demand of her horses, she works in harmony and executes precision during each of her training sessions. Shaklano is one of the finest young horses that I have seen. Jennifer brought him to an unbelievable level for only having approximately 30 rides on him before I bought him. She approached his training with individuality and showed love, language and leadership. I am having the time of my life with Shaklano and look forward to our ever growing partnership. I am in constant contact with Jennifer and continue to learn from her even though we are many miles from each other. I would highly recommend Jennifer if you are looking for training, instruction or for a horse that could be your lifelong partner.”
 Katy McCall - client/Moondance Farm
   Breeder/Trainer of Heritage and Heritage Outcross Tennessee Walking Horses
“The few hours Jennifer has spent on my farm have revolutionized my training program. Her natural gifts and talents have been developed combining methods from the best of the natural trainers with her own horsemanship and common sense. She is truly a student of the horse, and a professor to those of us who can benefit from her insight and understanding.”

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